Do you have reservations about the practicality and aesthetics of secondary glazing? Perhaps you have seen some secondary glazing that looks ‘awful’? Or heard that it is hard to keep clean and basically more trouble than it's worth?

Many of our satisfied customers have had similar concerns but are now benefitting from our bespoke secondary systems.

A few of the comments which we have received include;

‘The difference in temperature is amazing’

‘The secondary glazing goes unnoticed’

'Product quality good and easy to use'

'Rooms are warmer, no draughts from window or cold air circulating around feet!'

Secondary windows are a vast improvement, look great and the rooms are much warmer'

 Hinged Opener

  • Hinged opening units can be used on any type of primary window.

  • These units allow easy access to the primary window and offer an idea escape route incase of emergency.

Horizontal Sliders

  • Horizontal Sliding units are ideal for casement and bay windows.

  • These units allow easy access to the primary window and offer an ideal escape route in case of emergency.


Vertical Sliders

  • Vertical Sliding units are the best design for sash windows as they are designed to align with the bars in the existing windows.

  • These units can slide up and down and also tilt in for cleaning of the primary window.


Lift Out Units

  • Lift out units are designed for non opening windows 

  • These can also be used on door panels 


Our secondary glazing allows easy access to your primary windows, is easy to clean, practical and unobtrusive.

Our time served joiners will ensure that your secondary glazing is tailored to your present windows ensuring that it tends to go unnoticed, unlike many other systems. We can even precisely match our secondary frames to your colour schemes.

We are confident that our passion, enthusiasm and expertise with working with older properties will ensure your satisfaction too.

Different secondary glazing desings


  • Lift out units (for non opening windows)

  • Horizontal sliders (casement windows, bay windows)

  • Vertical sliders (sash windows)

  • Hinged units (any window)

Types of glass available​


  • Pilkington K glass standard on all units (4mm)

  • Laminated glass for enhanced noise reduction (6.4mm)

  • Choice of obscure glass for all units

  • Toughened safety glass where required